Frequently asked questions

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a complete birth preparation course, it can completely transform the way you view birth, leaving you excited and confident as your approach your birth. ​Giving birth is not just one day, it's an experience that will last with you a lifetime. Hypnobirthing can help you achieve the best possible birth for you, your birth partner and your baby. ​Hypnobirthing will not only give you some fantastic tools for labour and birth, and help you eliminate any fears or anxieties around your upcoming birth, it will also give you an in depth understanding of what happens during your baby's birth. More information can be found by clicking here

Is Hypnobirthing right for me?

In one word - YES! Hypnobirthing can be practiced by anyone at any stage of their pregnancy. Hypnobirthing is about achieving the birth that is right for you and your baby. Hypnobirthing does not guarantee you the 'perfect birth' but its will always make a difference. I will teach you techniques to help you relax, be confident in you bodys ability, work with your body and remain in control. A mother who uses hypnobirthing techniques is more likely to describe their birth experience as empowering and powerful and one of their biggest achievements in life

Can my partner come along?

Of course, birth partners play a crucial part in your birth and this course will help prepare them for this incredibly important role. Some birthing partners have reported feeling 'unsure of what to do' when their loved ones are in labour. This course will demonstrate how to work with your partner as you prepare to welcome your baby to the world. Throughout the course, you will practice different techniques, some of which are useful for relaxing in everyday life, not just when in labour. An added benefit for you both!

When should I attend the course?

You can attend my course at ANY stage of your pregnancy. The earlier you attend the more time you have to practice your techniques. Most women come to me around 25-33 weeks but you can certainly start earlier if you like. The relaxation techniques are benificial in pregnancy as well as labour so you will start to feel the benefits straight away. If you are towards the end of your third trimester and you have only just discovered hypnobirthing, its not too late, get in touch as soon as possible and I will arrange a time to help you.

How long is the course?

The full course is 10 hours long. This consists of 4 separate sessions spread over 4 weeks. 1-1 sessions have more flexibility. Evening and weekend courses are available to help with any prior work commitments.

Do you need to be a first time mum?

Absoluetly not. Hypnobirthing works for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th....time mums. Whether you are expecting your first baby or have experienced birth before, hypnobirthing can make a huge difference to your mindset, reduce anxiety and fear and help you to look forward to the birth of your baby.

How much are your courses?

My full hypnobirthing courses start from £225, more information can be found by clicking here.

What's included in my course fees?

When you book onto either my group or 1-1 sessions you will recieve the following 10 hour course with me Victoria Chambers - fully qualified and insured hypnobirthing teacher Course notes, plus 5 x recorded relaxation scripts Positive Affirmation Recordings On-going support until your baby arrives, including an free 1hr call with (via Zoom) as you approach your due date to recap or go over anything you'd like to discuss. Welcome pack

How far in advance can I book my course?

My courses do get booked up in advance so please go get in touch with me to secure your space. You can contact me by clicking here. To secure your space, I will require a £50 deposit. Full fees are due two weeks in advance of your course. You can pay via Paypal or Bank Transfer. Please see my terms and conditions for more informaton.

Can you gurantee 'the perfect birth'?

No-one can guarantee a 'pain free' or 'perfect birth', each mother will have a different opinion on what is right for them. There are many different factors which can have an impact the path of your birth, but I am here to help support you. Women who have practiced hypnobirthing techniques are more likely to describe their birth experience as empowering and powerful and one of their biggest achievements in life. It's important to note that the success of the techniques I will teach you is releated to the amount of practice that you do during and following the course. This is incredibly important. There is no set way a perfect birth should look, we explore this in more detail during the course.

What topics are covered in the course?

The course is a full birth preparation course so we cover a wide range of topics from the logic of hypnobirthing, to guided relaxations, information on the different stages of labour and how hypnobirthing can help you. A full list of course content can be found by clicking here. Alternatively, please get in contact and I am happy to talk you through the course content.