Client Reviews

Here are some testimonials from my past clients 


Charlotte, 2021

I highly recommend Victoria if you’re looking to learn/practice Hypnobirth! Victoria always made me feel so comfortable and made everything very easy to understand!  


Victoria’s classes allow you to learn everything that you need to know about hypnobirth, but they also allow you to understand how your body works and what to expect on the day! I very much enjoyed each of our sessions x

Attended a private 1:1 complete hypnobirthing course

Mother Holding Baby Finger

Maria, 2021

Victoria is the perfect pregnancy coach for you at each stage of your pregnancy. I did her relaxation course during my first trimester, which was invaluable to calm my anxiety in those early stages, with practical tools and positive affirmations when those fears creep in. Then, I went on to complete her hypnobirthing course during my second trimester.

loved how informative it was in terms of the research and science behind birth; then the techniques you are taught to help with relaxation and breathing to help from the early stages of pregnancy right through to labour with the practice of these built into the sessions.

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Mary-Ann, 2021

Highly recommended!!

Victoria does an amazing job at helping you feel relaxed and welcome! The classes have really improved my sleep and actually helped with my stress levels in general life (including the dreaded home schooling). I can't wait to start my full hypnobirthing course in April, it's truly worth it guys!


The relaxation course is also a great insight to what hypnobirthing is all about, so if your interested it's a great first step to understanding it better!

Attended a group hypnobirthing course & pregnancy relaxation sessions

Attended a group hypnobirthing course & pregnancy relaxation sessions

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Elizabeth, 2021

            I can’t imagine having not done the course. During contractions I used the breathing techniques and visualisations. I was prepared for the car journey and the walk to the labour ward and did just as visualised, I felt prepared for all of the different scenarios.


The music playlist we made was in the car and during labour, I could focus on our choices of songs which made me feel excited to meet our baby. 

I didn’t tense but just focused on our music and breathing. I remember our baby girl being born to beauty and the beast “tale as old as time”. I couldn’t have had such a positive experience without this course and we can’t thank Victoria enough.


Nicola & James, 2021

          Victoria took the time to get to know us both and the worked this into our sessions. We really enjoyed learning more around the science of birth and our options and to know that having a voice and asking for more information is OK. She provided insight to how to control situations (no matter the situation) and helped us understand how to apply hypnobirthing techniques in different ways.


We loved being able to share this experience together, but then also allowing the time at the end for mum to be to relax and unwind. The relaxation parts really are wonderful.


Victoria always followed up with supporting audio clips, information and we love how she has continued to check in on us since our sessions ended. We loved every minute!!

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Sarah & Danny, 2021

     We would like to say thanks again for a very informative and organised course.


We have already recommended to a few friends and will continue to do so.

We loved our hamper that we received before the start of the course that is full of resources that we regularly use to help us with our birth preparation.

Attended a private 1:1 complete hypnobirthing course

Attended a private 1:1 complete hypnobirthing course

Attended a private 1:1 complete hypnobirthing course


Hannah & Pete, 2020

           I could not recommend Chambers Hypbobirthing enough!


As a mum who can naturally be very worrisome anyway, I have found this course has empowered me to think positively about my second birth, to trust my instincts and my body as well as mentally and physically prepare myself for the different stages and eventualities that can happen in birth.


The hypnobirthing techniques I have learnt have been invaluable. It's amazing how something I once feared has become something to be celebrated!


Thank you so much Victoria for all your continuous support, encouragement and positivity not just during the course but right the way through! x

Attended a private 1:1 complete hypnobirthing course

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Summer & Billy, 2020

        Victoria is a brilliant hypnobirthing teacher would highly recommend her.  I'm expecting my first baby and was very anxious about it all, now I'm just so excited to use all the knowledge that Victoria has taught me and my birth partner.  Even after the course Victoria is still there if you need to go over anything. I can't wait to use all the relaxation and breathing techniques thank you again.

Sleepy Baby

Courtney, 2020

      I was lucky enough to complete a one to one course with Vicki; my partners (who was a bit sceptical beforehand) and I both really enjoyed it.

We both found out so much we didn't know about the different stages of labour and the different choices that were available to help us through the journey. It really made me look forward to the experience.

Attended a private 1:1 complete hypnobirthing course

Attended a private 1:1 complete hypnobirthing course